Taisheng group, adhering to the concept of "creating a better life", has beencarrying out its social responsibility all the time. It has always taken "thanksgiving society" as an important part of the company's career. It cares about public welfare undertakings and has the courage to shoulder social responsibilities. It plays a high sense of social responsibility of modern enterprises, actively performs social responsibilities and cares about public welfare undertakings.

Don't forget your original intention and give back to the society.

Since its establishment, Taisheng group has paid hundreds of millions of taxes to the state and created tens of thousands of jobs for the society.

In terms of staff, Taisheng group pays attention to personnel training to grow together with employees. The group not only provides employees with a better, warmer and more professional working environment and development platform, but also places the concept,"home", into the management concept from actively organizing recreational activities such as get-together and outdoor development.

In terms of ecology, Taisheng always actively fulfillsits ecological responsibilities to promote ecological development. Start from itself, Taisheng advocates the use of environmental protection products, minimize their negative impact on the environment, create a green and environmental friendly enterprise ecological environment, and strive to become a "resource-saving and environment-friendly" ecological enterprise to create a healthy life era.

In the aspect of business resource operation and integration, as a commercial housekeeper, it not only provides high-quality management services, but also creates a benign business ecological environment for employees, merchants, owners and even the whole city. With the highest-quality service standard, Taisheng will create the most influential brand so as to attract more merchants who share the common values to settle in, and then build an ecological circle from win-win cooperation.

In terms of  intelligentproperty service, Guizhou Taisheng Property Management Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the core value of "do more for happiness", and continuously provides customers professional and high-quality property services, so that to make more users experience the benefits of property services and provide a better lifestyle for more families.

In terms of public welfare, Taisheng group has continued to devote itself to social public welfare. Ms. Yang Zaiying, chairman of the group, Mr. Huang Xuetao, president of the group, and all colleagues of Taisheng, have always devoted themselves to public welfare undertakings, and actively participated in the government sponsored public welfare activities, such as education poverty alleviation, concentric education, caring for veterans, anti epidemic materialsdonation, and helping Dadi village sellnative goods. The group will keep adhering to the public welfare concept of "giving people fish is better than teaching people to fish", performing corporate social responsibility actively and constantly.

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