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Taisheng International is a commercial complex project which Taisheng Group has been focusing on in recent years. As a key investment project in the 12th Five Year Plan of Guizhou Province, Taisheng International is located at No.9 Airport Road, only 1.5 km away from Guiyang Longdongbao International Airport and 5km away from Youzha street in the old city of Guiyang, making the urban transport very convenient.Besides, the three-dimensional transportation network makes it extremely smooth to reach the whole country from here, leading Taisheng International to become a important transportation hub in Guizhou and even southwestern China. Asthe center of the international CBD,Taisheng International project, is absolutely an important window of Guizhou to the world.

Longdongbao airport economic zone, the eastern part of Guiyang city, where Taisheng International project is located, is the key plate that Shuanglong Airport Economic Zone Management Committee mainly focuses on constructing. At present, Shuanglong Management Committee, Guizhou Development Investment Group, Nanming District Court, and a few leading local enterprises in different fields, such as Jiuzhongjiu Group, AVIC Heavy Machinery Headquarters, No.8 Company of Guizhou Construction Engineering Group, Bank of Guizhou, Postal Savings Bank of China and Hilton Yilin Hotel have been settled down here. In Shuang Long ,there are qualitative natural resources, which provides good conditions to build the mid-to-high end residential and commercial areas. Basically, the completion of Taisheng Internationalwill result in the formation of a 600,000 square meters landmark commercial project in the airport economic zone, where five-star hotels, Easyhome, the home decoration giant company, business office clusters and platinum SOHO apartments will be gathered.

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