Group Introduction

Guizhou Taisheng Business Management Group Co., Ltd. is a group company established in 2000. With the brand concept of "creating good commercial value", it is committed to become the leader in the commercial property management industry. From the data-based business management mode and data-based business operation mode, we will create a commercial organization with integrate value chain,including business management,smart property service and real estate development,from which a total solution for creating good commercial value could be offer to our customers.

Taisheng group always holds introduction, merger,acquisition, output, management and operation as the development strategy. Being built around the overall layout of "better life", Taisheng group is divided into three business sectors, namely, Taisheng real estate development plate of "creator of good commercial value",Taisheng property service plate of "smart service expert", and commercial operation management plate of "full value chain business service". After years of development, Taisheng has established strong industry competitive advantage, and is highly recognized by customers as the creator of better life through integrated service.

As an excellent commercial housekeeper, Taisheng group always takes the best service as the standard to build the group's brand impact, so as to attract more merchants who share the common values to settle in, jointly building a professional market ecosystem with win-win cooperation. Taisheng Tea Market, Taisheng Hardware Market and Taisheng Traditional Chinese Medicine Market belonging to Taisheng Group are all representative specialized marketin Guizhou business ecosystem.

Tasheng group mainly focus on the construction of the project named Taisheng International, where a few heavyweight political and commercial enterprises have been settled in, such as the Management Committee of Shuanglong New District, Guizhou Kaitou Group, Nanming District Court, Guizhou leading enterprise Jiuzhongjiu Group, AVIC heavy machinery headquarters of large listed company, No.8 company of Guizhou Construction Engineering Group, Bank of Guizhou, postal bank, Hilton Yilin Hotel and other well-known political and commercial enterprises.  

Guizhou Taisheng Property Management Co, Ltd,the subsidiary corporation of Taisheng Group, has served more than 20 enterprises and institutions, covering government agencies, commercial real estate, residential real estate and hotel enterprises. Among them, the Management Committee of Guizhou Shuanglong New District , Guiyang Nanming District Court, Guizhou Shuanglong Airport Business Service Co., Ltd., Guizhou International Commodity Trading Center Co., Ltd., Yunshangxiaozhu boutique Inn, Guiyang Taisheng Easyhome shopping mall, Taisheng Tea Market, Taisheng Hardware Market, etc. are occupying the contract area of over 2 million square meters.

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