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Administrative personnel management center, 5 / F, building B1, Taisheng international, No.9 Airport Road, Nanming District, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province
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Accept the report of Taisheng group's employees or cooperative units' violation of the company's interests, such as illegal crimes, malpractices, major violations, etc. The contents of the report should be realistic, objective and impartial, and you should provide relevant clues and evidence. If the consultation and complaint involving product, service and quality problems are not within the scope of this website, please call:86-0851-84813703

Notice To Informants

Notice to whistle-blowers: whistle-blowers shall abide by national laws and regulations and shall not infringe upon the legitimate interests of others; the contents of reports shall be objective and fair, and shall not distort, fabricate facts, or frame others.


We encourage real name reporting. We promise to keep the personal information and content of the report strictly confidential, give priority to handle real name reporting and give timely feedback to the investigation results; the company will reward those who have made outstanding contributions to the audit and supervision work.

Important tips: product, service and quality problems are not accepted by this website. Please call 86-0851-84813703. This website only accepts the report of illegal crime and serious fraud of the company's internal personnel