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Taisheng intelligent service

Taisheng group has built a full value chain commercial property operation and management organization by means of data-based business management mode and data-based business operation mode. Through the integration and sharing of resources among different construction subjects, building platforms and professional integration, the main body co-construction, process integration and result sharing will come true. Taisheng will carry out all-round cooperation with our partners to ensure long-term cooperation, risk sharing, mutual benefits and win-win results.

Taisheng intelligent service is the core value of property management. As a leader in the high-qualitative property management industry, Guizhou Taisheng Property Management Co., Ltd. Devotes itself to letting more customers experience the happiness from property services. It provides full life cycle services around the value maintenance and appreciation of owners' real estate. With the innovative practice of "Property + Internet" and the diversified comprehensive services of "technology + humanities",the business layoutof Taisheng Property Management Co. Ltdcovers four sectors: commercial property service, community asset service, intelligent technology service and community life service. Taisheng Property Management will always adhereto the core value of "do more for happiness", and continually provide customers 360-degree professional and high-quality property service, to make more people experience the beauty of intelligent service.

Guizhou Taisheng Property Management Co., Ltd. has served more than 20 enterprises and institutions, government agencies, commercial real estate, residential real estate and hospitality enterprises. Among them, Guiyang Nanming District Court, Guizhou Shuanglong Management Committee, Guizhou Shuanglong Airport Business Service Co.Ltd., Guizhou International Trade Center Co.,Ltd., Yunshang Xiaozhu boutique Inn, Guiyang Taisheng Easyhome shopping mall, TaiSheng tea market, Taisheng hardware market, etc. occupy a contract area of about 2 million square meters.

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